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Rapunzel Martinez | Eden Toothman | Tina Walker 

What Clients Say About Rapunzel

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"Our clients entrust us with one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives, which is the purchase or sale of a family home.
We've been in the real estate business long enough to know that the quality of the title company representative working with our clients makes all the difference in the world.  So, when we find someone who is extremely competent, professional, calm and pleasant to work with, we want everyone to know about her.  We highly recommend Rapunzel to our clients and peers."
Ira & Carol Serkes
Pacific Union

What Clients Say About Eden

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“Eden Toothman is an excellent escrow officer and has been working on escrows for my company for the last  seven  years.  Eden’s excellent people skills are a true asset in closing any transaction, and Eden’s ability to handle delicate situations with grace and style have helped make many escrows run very smoothly. Eden’s attention to detail, and keen grasp of the many facets of an escrow transaction are a valued asset.   I can heartily recommend Eden as an excellent escrow office to anyone seeking a solid partner in the real estate process.”

Daniel Winkler
Daniel Winkler and Associates

 What Clients Say About Tina

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" We have worked with Tina for many years.  She is very knowledgeable and personable - great combination.  She responds quickly when we need information and she treats our clients with respect.  She has an excellent way of communicating the details of both the title report and loan documents.  She is always our first choice when choosing a title company representative."
Sandy Patel-Hilferty
Berkeley Hills Realty